Do You Agree w Hillary on guns?

Do You Agree w Hillary on guns?

Hilary Clinton referred to a minority of people who terrorize the majority.

But she wasn’t talking about talking about people strapping on backpacks in the Middle East. She was talking about American gun owners!

That’s right. According to Hilary Clinton the one sector of people we need to watch out for is American gun owners!

And she said this openly during a Town Hall meeting.

But think about it for a moment. What if we actually did what Hilary suggests and actually disarmed American gun owners? Hum… Let’s see…

(narrator talking in a stupor:) I guess muggers and murderers would lay down their weapons and we’d have world peace…Hey, can I have some more of that yummy Kool-Aide?

And I suppose Hilary’s body guards of liberal politicians would melt down their guns and carry around night sticks for their defense to set an example and practice what Hilary preaches. Huh, if you think you’ve heard shrill before, I can just imagine Hilary’s reaction if those protecting her life ever told them they decided to stop opposing her public call to grab all our guns.

At Gun Owners of America we have kept a close eye on all of the high profile political purveyors of gun control. And you know what we found? Brace yourselves. (shhhh. in hushed tones) It’s not just Hilary Clinton who has armed body guards. Barack Obama has had them for 8 years now. …And body guards who carry…guns!

So the next time you hear some gun grabbin’ politician ask you to surrender your guns, say no thank you. I’m keeping mine, just as you are keeping yours.

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