Raleigh Pressure Washing Company Wins CleanTV “Squeaky Clean” Business Award

Renaissance Pressure Washing has been awarded the “Squeaky Clean” Company of the Year award Monday.

Founder/CEO Josh Wade accepted the award, saying, “If you don’t have a clean reputation, you have nothing. In the service business you have to deliver value, keep your promises and made good in the rare instances when something goes wrong.”

Renaissance Pressure Washing is an outgrowth of Wade knocking on many doors selling lawn care service. During his direct sales walks, he couldn’t help but notice that many sidewalks and decks were in far greater need of service than the area lawns.

“Find a need and fill it,” has been the catch phrase of the success of many service businesses and that axiom wasn’t lost on Josh Wade.

CleanTV President Jerry McGlothlin extended his congratulations to Josh, adding, “In addition to offering a needed service to his community, it’s a ‘squeaky clean’ service at that.”

Josh Wade of Renaissance Pressure Washing can be reached at (919) 389-8290 and located at: 555 Fayetteville St. Raleigh, NC 27601.

The Raleigh pressure washing company has no complaints against them as a business and they enjoy a 5 star Google rank.

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