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Kidcasts: Mercy’s House: Pony Rides!

Welcome to Mercy’s House! Today we had so much fun riding a horse and playing with a pony. Come and join our adventure! Mercy’s

Do You Agree w Hillary on guns?

Do You Agree w Hillary on guns? Hilary Clinton referred to a minority of people who terrorize the majority. But she wasn’t talking about

Divorce Agreement: Dividing U.S. in two: Conservative & Liberal

Some have proposed that we split the U.S. in two in order to see how the Left half would do compared to the Right

Young Han Solo Announced for Stand-alone Star Wars film

Please forward a link to this eye-opening video to others. If Harrison Ford as old Han Solo had a tough time piloting the Millennium

Recipe for Israel’s Survival

Please forward a link to this editorial by David Rubin, former Mayor of Shiloh, Israel. On a day in which Islamic terror attacks were

20 Ancient Quotes Liberals STILL Don’t Understand

Two thousand years ago, there may not have been liberals as we think of them today, but some of the dumb ideas that underpin